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Ski Antarctica


Today you can explore Antarctica by cruising, flying or even on foot. Antarctica and the Sub Antarctic islands are truly inspiring destinations whatever your interest. Here beguiling wildlife, awesome forces of nature and inspirational human stories collide to form a compelling journey and a magical destination. 


Dreaming of untouched pristine powder- look no further than the ends of the Earth!

Antarctica provides a range of landscapes from crevassed glaciers, to long open slopes and fields of Sastrugi to explore where few have ever skied before.

Ski Touring offers adventurous skiiers the chance to tackle some of the world's most incredible slopes. Enjoy traversing remote snow capped peaks, descending glaciers into postcard perfect bays filled with floating icebergs, penguins rookeries, snoozing seals or breaching whales. 


Crusing is the most accessible way to visit Antarctica with many different vessels, duration, departure ports and activities available. Most cruises will offer educational programmes and zodiac excursions off the vessel. Use your ship as a base to explore Antarctica through a wide range of activities including skiing and snowboarding. 

CRUISE | ANTARCTICA OFF THE BEATEN TRACK |          12 Nights from US$ 10,525 pp

Passengers benefit from the expedition ship being used as a mobile basecamp wilderness lodge to discover the white continent at everyone’s own pace!  For those with some experience we offer back-country ski touring. We also plan to camp ashore at least one night and a full day ‘field photography’ workshop. All this is complemented with an exceptional series of onboard presentations, led by adventurers, marine biologists, naturalists, historians and our resident photography professional. November 6 - 18 2019

CRUISE | LAND & SEA- YACHT & SKI | 28 Days from NZD$35,710

Join the crew of the Icebird to ski pristine slopes, seek virgin terrain and, if conditions allow, attempt to climb unique peaks, reveling in an extreme ski experience on this incredible continent.Not only will you see and experience the dazzling landscapes and incredible wildlife of Antarctica but experience it from an intimate purpose-built yacht, before getting onto the slopes and skiing Antarctica for yourself! As you will be one of only five guests on this comfortable expedition sailing yacht, our small group will have the freedom and flexibility to tailor make this bucket list travel adventure!


EXPEDITIONS | Antarctic Adventure 

Fly to the continent and base yourself at a camp with other adventurers and scientists. Imagine swapping stories every evening at base camp over a drink filled with Antarctic Ice. Leisurely explore Antarctica by ski or set off on the journey of a lifetime!


Carve first tracks on pristine slopes with unparalleled views in all directions. Explore some of Antarctica’s most spectacular ski terrain deep in the Heritage Range of the Ellsworth Mountains. Tour scenic canyons and wide-open valleys. Link turns in boot-top powder. Each journey is unique, tailored to your interests, ambition, and level of experience. Set off with all of your supplies for a multi-day trip or day tour from the comfort of Union Glacier Camp. Let the slopes speak to you! December 18 2019


Test your limits on an extreme expedition marked by deep snow, steep climbs, and complex route-finding. Traverse the same terrain Amundsen discovered more than 100 years ago. Climb the steep Axel Heiberg Glacier, bounded by majestic peaks on both sides, and navigate your way around the infamous maze of crevasses known as the Devil’s Ballroom.

While Amundsen traveled by dog sled, you’ll travel by ski for 7-10 hours a day and pull your own sled! December 4 2019


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SUSTAINABILITY Protecting Antarctica's fragile ecosystem is of paramount importance to all who visit there. All operators we recommend are bound by IAATO. IAATO is an industry group that has resolved to promote safe and environmentally responsible practices in its effort to protect Antarctica. This effort is unique, and the challenge to maintain environmentally responsible tourism exists to this extent in no other region of the world.

Posted: Thursday 16 May 2019